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Please submit completed applications to Daniel Santamaria, Director of Boards and Commissions, at: or 1001 Preston St., 5th floor Houston, Tx 77002.

The Harris County Essential Worker Board (HCEWB) is a new body established by Commissioners Court to be comprised of Essential Workers to provide feedback and recommendations to the Department of Economic Equity and Opportunity (DEEO) and other relevant Harris County Departments and, where appropriate, serve in an advisory capacity to Commissioners Court on Harris County programs, policies, and initiatives that recognize and support workers.

The HCEWB must include at least one member from each of the following affected Essential Industries:

Food Services, Hospitality, or Leisure Services

Healthcare of Public Health



Domestic Work or Home Care


Grocery, Convenience, or Drug Store

Education or Childcare

Airport or Transportation

Board Members

The inaugural five (5) members of the HCEWB will be appointed by Commissioners Court in March 2022. Those members will work with the Harris County Boards and Commissions Office (HCBCO) to recommend the remaining eight (8) Board members to Commissioners Court for appointment in May 2022.

The Board members must:

  • Represent the geographic, gender, age, racial, and ethnic diversity of Essential Workers in Harris County
  • Be residents of Harris County
  • Have a demonstrated interest in and commitment to serving the community
  • Be able to contribute meaningful time and effort to achieving the purpose and objectives of the HCEWB
  • Where possible, meet one or more of the following qualifications:
    • Have a demonstrated knowledge of or interest in advocating for protections on the job, including fair wages and benefits and workplace occupational safety and health for Essential Workers
    • Have a demonstrated knowledge of or interest in equitable and inclusive approaches to economic development and the socioeconomic, demographic, and environmental factors that affect the quality of life outcomes of Essential Workers
  • Be low-income Essential Workers in Harris County, or have at least 12-months of previous experience as a low-income Essential Worker
  • Not be full time employees of Harris County.

The HCEWB shall be inclusive of different religions, disabilities, backgrounds, and identities.